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During the January cold weather our boats had to move to Gas Street for the duration so we set about using
our restaurant boat as an ice breaker. The full story of our ice breaking exploits is on our AwayGroup Website,.
 Here are some photos kindly offered to us by David Scowcroft of NB Mr David.
See his web site
Snow and Frozen Canal in Birmingham
Moira Rose arrives at Gas Street 4 hours after leaving
The Mailbox only 300 metres away.
A close up of the action
Getting there! Having another couple of goes at it. and another go!!
Whoops just bit over the top. My goodness its a bit thick.
Anyway weve done it now.
Away2service in Gas Street Basin posing for a Christmas Card scene
Looking back towards The Mailbox. So quiet and still. Friends and Colleagues Traditional Boats across
 the other side of The Bar.
Looking beyond the The Bar to Broad Street Tunnel. A finale to the scene in Gas Street the bridge which is
 a modern imposter looking over the stop lock.
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